Kahzar Rublon, also known as BZRKZR, is a self-taught multi-disciplinary artist, writer, and educator currently based in Cleveland, Ohio. Kahzar specializes in Black & White realistic, afro-futurist portrait drawings and mandalas. Through art, Kahzar likes to explore concepts such as race, gender, spirituality and mental health as well as capture the essence and stories of others. In addition to drawings, she also practices painting and graphic design and have have recently turned her graphic designs into apparel. 


In Spring of 2017 Kahzar began her journey as a teaching artist, teaching mixed-media art and creative writing to students of all ages. In summer of 2017, Kahzar became an intern with the Mural Arts Program of Philadelphia, where she learned the process of designing and painting murals as a form of activism and community engagement and development. She hopes to continue the practice of mural making and public art in her hometown of Cleveland, OH. 

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