Kahzar is a self-taught visual artist from Cleveland, Ohio, specializing in afro-realistic Black & White portraits. Kahzar likes to create high-contrast, life-sized drawings, with strong emphasis on detail and expression. Kahzar says her work is heavily influenced by hip-hop, afro-futurism, mental health, and the intricacies within herself and the black community. She believes that visual art can tell a story and has the power to transform and inspire.

In 2017, Kahzar began her journey into public art as an intern with the Mural Arts Program of Philadelphia, where she gained hands on mural making and art outreach experience.  From there, Kahzar has been teaching visual arts, murals and creative writing to students of all ages and backgrounds, working with many organizations, such as: Mural Arts of Philadelphia, Fleisher Art Memorial, The Center for Arts Inspired Learning, and more.


In addition to visual art, Kahzar is dedicated to mental health awareness and community outreach. She holds an Integrative Studies Degree in Psychology, Writing and Pan-African Studies from Kent State University and is certified in trauma informed teaching, youth suicide prevention, and facilitating support groups for teen girls. 


Kahzar currently works with the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center, teaching advocacy and sexual violence prevention to the youth and community at large. She also teaches art classes at the Foluke Cultural Arts Center and mentors high school students in visual arts at Cuyahoga Community College. In her near future, Kahzar hopes to continue to create more public art in her hometown, highlighting the faces & stories in her community.