2017  Kent State University, BA Integrative Studies, Psychology, Writing, Pan-African Studies

Murals & Installations:

2019  Volunteer, Brooklyn Academy of Science & the Environment, Publicolor NYC 

2019  Lead Artist, School Pride, Vare Washington Elementary, Philadelphia, PA

2018  Volunteer, American Tableu by James Burns, VA Medical Center, Philadelphia, PA

2017  Assistant, Technology by James Burns, Mastery Charter School, Philadelphia, PA

2017  Intern, Weaving Culture by James Dunn, Southwark Elementary, Philadelphia, PA

2017  Intern, What’s Your Parkway Philly by Mural Arts, The Oval, Philadelphia, PA


Teaching Experience: 

2019-20    Assistant Teaching Artist, Mural Arts Program

                 Olney Charter High School & Samuel Fels High School 

2019         Teaching Artist, Fleisher Art Memorial

                 Vare Washington Elementary (School Mural, Spring 2019)

2017-19    Lead Outreach Teaching Artist, University City Arts League

                 Powel Elementary (Greek Art, Spring 2019)

                 The Workshop School (Mixed-media Art, Spring 2019)

                 Science Leadership Academy (Murals, Spring 2019; Large Portraits, Spring 2018)

                 Benjamin Comegys Elementary (Mixed-media Art, Spring 2018)

                 Henry C. Lea Elementary (Mixed-media Art, Fall 2017)

2017-19    Lead Outreach Teaching Artist, University City Arts League 

                 Portrait making, Creative Writing, Mixed-media          

2018         Teaching Artist, Global Leadership Academy SW (Mixed-media Art)

2017         Teaching Artist, Wick Poetry Center (Poetry)

                 Holden Elementary & Miller South School of Visual & Performing Arts 


2019  Funeral 4 Exhibit, Only Elite Matters, Philadelphia, PA 

2019  Solo Exhibit, The Study Hotel, Philadelphia, PA 

2019  Art as Resistance, Institute for Community Justice, Philadelphia, PA 

2019  Her-spaces Exhibit, Philly Art Collective, Philadelphia, PA

2019  BIG Exhibit, Philly Art Collective, Philadelphia, PA 

2018  Block Party Exhibit, University City Arts League, Philadelphia, PA

2018  Solo Exhibit, Metropolitan Bakery, Philadelphia, PA 

2017  Blackness is Exhibit, Uumbaji Art Gallery, Kent, Ohio

Professional Training & Certifications:

2019  Trauma Informed Teaching Artist Certificate, Bartol Foundation, Philadelphia, PA

2019  LGBTQ Support in Schools Training, Fleisher Art Memorial, Philadelphia, PA

2019  Youth Suicide: Awareness, Prevention and Postvention Certificate,

2017  Mural Arts Internship, Mural Arts Program, Philadelphia, PA

2017  Art Outreach Internship, The Way of Mind & Body, Akron, OH

2017  Teaching Poetry in Schools Course, Wick Poetry Center, Kent, OH

2016  Certificate of Achievement for Undergraduate Research, Kent State University, Kent, OH

Scholarships, Awards, Residencies:

2019  Resident, 40th St Artist-in-Residence Program, Philadelphia, PA

2017  2nd Place, Zurava Award for Writing Portfolio, Kent State Department of English

2017  Distinguished Leadership Award, Kent State University 

2014-16   Oscar Ritchie Guild Scholarship 



2020  Kahzar Powell, Hindsight. Self-published.

© 2020 by Kahzar Rublon.