Kahzar Rublon is a 24 year old multi-disciplinary artist, writer, and educator.  She graduated from Kent State University in 2017 with an Integrative Studies degree in Psychology, Writing and Pan-African Studies. Through her work, Kahzar likes to explore race, gender, spirituality, and mental health. Kahzar lists self-expression, as well the desire to capture the essence & stories of others, as her driving forces behind creating.


Kahzar views art as a dynamic way to process thoughts & emotions, connect, communicate and have fun. As a certified trauma informed teaching artist, she aims to make art and its transformative powers more accessible for marginalized communities. Through art outreach, Kahzar hopes to provide safe spaces for students to explore their talents and identity, as well as learn to utilize various artistic mediums as a means of healing, community building and self-expression. In the future, Kahzar hopes to gain more experience in larger scale projects such as mural making and installations.

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Philadelphia, PA